Announcement: The Women in Entrepreneurship Summit, 23rd – 24th June 2020

On Friday, 17th January, the European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF) held its first Steering Committee meeting for this year’s, first, Women in Entrepreneurship Summit, on 23rd – 24th June 2020.

The two-day event aims to bring together an estimated 300 participants from both the European and US startup and innovation ecosystems in the heart of Europe (Brussels, Belgium); in celebration of women entrepreneurship, and to strengthen transatlantic ties between the EU and US.

It will be made up of a mixture of topical panel sessions, inspiring keynote speeches from leading investors and women entrepreneurs, policy insights from key EU policy makers, workshops, and more. Allowing summit participants to build their network, as well as polish their skill and expand their knowledge, to ensure that their ventures can survive and compete in today’s fast paced startup ecosystem in Europe and beyond.

The summit will also provide a clear milestone, in EYIF’s continuing legacy, as we near our tenth anniversary (in July). Solidify the Women in Entrepreneurship project, launched in March 2019, as a long term programme led by EYIF with the support of the European Union and the US State Department.

This empowering and much needed project, has provided an in depth look at the challenges facing women founders, at both early and later stage points of the venture capitalist pipeline. Also providing a platform for women founders to share ideas, collaborate, and support one another through networking and the alumni social group.

The values of the Women in Entrepreneurship project, exude and align with the values and founding mission of EYIF – to make a lasting impact and positive change to the youth innovation ecosystem, in response to the 2010 economic crisis.

“This summit is the result of 12 months of engagements all across Europe. We want to have an impact and show that tech can positively impact our societies. For that, we must start with diversity! And demonstrate that we, the European Tech ecosystem, are not only aware of the need for change, but are actually driving it from within.” – Nicholas Zylberglajt, EYIF President.

The Steering Committee is made up of an array of leading policy makers and field experts including;


  • Anita Jennings // Programs and Exchanges Assistant Grants Manager U.S. Mission to the European Union
  • Loubna Azghoud // Gender equality and economic expert, who founded Women Code Festival, and currently runs Women in Tech. Brussels
  • Aimee Apel // Regional Startup Accelerator Lead, DACH at Climate-KIC – A European Institute of Innovation and Technology initiative
  • Isidro Laso //Deputy Head of Innovation Ecosystems – European innovation Council (European DARPA) at European Commission
  • Alice Zagury // CEO/Co-Founder The Family
  • Salomé Taieb // Godfather Community The Family
  • Jorge Munoz, Executive WER Director
  • Dija Pandor, WER Summit Project Manager
  • Nicholas Zylberglajt, EYIF President


Visual poster of the Steering Committee members

Who will provide their valuable insight and guidance to ensure that the summit lives up to its potential and fulfils expectations, and helps to establish the long-term intention of the Women in Entrepreneurship project. Centred around the following four key objectives:

The four key objective of the Steering Committee are to:

i. Bring together the Women in Entrepreneurship roadshow community, as built from March 2019
ii. Draw attention and raise awareness from the wider community, on the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs during the investment/venture capitalist pipeline
iii. Present the Barriers to Finance report, providing policy recommendations and best practices
iv. Create a community of women founders to support one another and provide opportunity for collaboration

The committee will also inform the Barriers to Finance report, which will be presented on the opening day of the event, in collaboration with a Brussels-based consultancy firm, which sets about providing meaningful policy recommendations and best practices to improve the startup and innovation ecosystem for women founders, across Europe.

You can find more details about the summit, including how to register your interest, and also keep up with its progress here: