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WATCH ON PLAYBACK – WER Webinars: ‘Talk to the experts: Securing investment during times of crisis’

In order for innovation to progress, adaptability is key. Which is why we are hosting a series of weekly webinars, to showcase alternative solutions to traditional office working and highlight EU SME support, to make sure women founders continue to excel in this uncertain time.

The first in the WER webinars series on adaptable working, hosted by the European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF), invited entrepreneurs from across the startup and innovation ecosystem to panel with leading start up and innovation investors from across the EU, in order to get expert insights and tips on how to fundraise for their ventures/projects/ideas during difficult global periods, in order to maintain business progression and growth.

The hour long session consisted of a panel with four top investors chaired by Nicholas Zylberglajt,President of EYIF followed by a Q&A whereby our remote audience were able to submit questions via a live online form to be answered.

The panel included Raphaëlle Martin-Neuville, Associate at Aster; Sonia Fernández, Partner at Kibo Ventures; Nina Rinke, Investment Analyst at Earlybird; and Robert Gallenberger, Partner at btov.