WER19 is heading for Berlin

On the 5th – 6th December, the Women in Entrepreneurship Roadshow (WER) will be making its last stop of 2019, in Berlin, Germany, one of the leading countries for female employment, at around 72%. 10% higher than the OECD country averageaccording to Federal Employment Agency (BA) figures.

Berlin is currently ranked third for market reach, and tenth overall in the Global Startup Ecosystem ranking according to 2019 Startup Ecosystem report. The capital city has grown organically over the years into a leading European hub in startup and innovation, with tech talent and industry giants leading the charge to solve problems, and driving technological and economic growth, particularly in the areas of Fintech, AI, Big Data, and Analytics.

However, despite Berlin, and Germany, making a conscious effort to address the global gender divide, with 34% of supervisory boards for the largest German corporations made up of women – according to an evaluation by Russell Reynolds – women entrepreneurs still only make up just 9% of the startup ecosystem.

At the European Young Innovators Forum (EYIF) we’re hoping to change this. In the words of EYIF President and Co-Founder, Nicholas Zyberglajt:

“The WER Roadshow is committed to changing the current landscape of the European startups and innovation ecosystem, by creating a more diverse environment through the increased connectivity and representation of women entrepreneurs. Our project aims to connect at least 300 women entrepreneurs, with key players in their local and regional ecosystems, and also to identify key issues women face when beginning and sustaining their entrepreneurial ventures, projects and ideas.”

As the 8th stop on our European roadshow, Berlin will add 30 more women founders, to our current total of 210. The event will give participants opportunities to gain access to funding from leading local investors. As well as providing participants with tailored advice from a range of top pan-European mentors, to assist them on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Along with facilitating connectivity and networking amongst the participants, investors and mentors, the 30 selected women entrepreneurs will also receive Amazon Web Service (AWS) promotional credits valid for 2 years; AWS business support; and AWS training.

Deadlines for applications close on the 22nd November 2019, so be sure to apply for your chance to participate. You can find more information on our website here.